The Peace of Mind comes with two wearables; a pendant and a bracelet. The pendant comes with three push-button switches. Each button describes a mood or feeling of the user. For instance, one is for feeling lonely/depressed, the other is for feeling sick, and the last one is for feeling upset/angry. The user will push one of the buttons and this will alert the person(who will be the caretaker) wearing the bracelet. The wearables will have a range of 500 ft between the two.

This wearable technology is designed specially for people who need special attention, with age group of 18 to 65. This is catered to people who suffer from anxiety attack, depression, autism, have sensitive psychological issues, traumatic veterans, and the elderly. The design of the wearable itself is composed of a peace symbol. A peace symbol is universal, therefore, it could be worn by males and females.

The idea originated when I visited my brother at his workplace. He is a physical therapist and works in a nursing home for the elderly. Watching him attending and checking multiple patients at the same time sparked myself the idea of creating the Peace of Mind wearable. It is a very stressful environment for my brother. With this wearable, he could easily attend one patient at a time based on attention needed. This way, each patient will have a better one-on-one interaction with the caretaker. This technology is designed for use in nursing homes, clinics, hospitals, schools, private homes, and other indoor locations.

How it works? The pendant with a transmitter in it, will trigger the sensor with a push of a button. The transmitter will send the data wirelessly in a one-way communication. The bracelet, carrying the receiver, will receive the message and actuate the LCD screen and light up the LEDs. And the receiver will receive data wirelessly and in a one-way communication as well.

This sketch below was the first idea I had in mind for the prototype. Please visit my Blog for further updates with the prototypes.