Eagle Schematic and Board View

This is the Eagle Schematic View for the Transmitter



This is the Eagle Board View for the Transmitter



Added a tutorial

Hey all,

As promised, I have added a simple Tutorial to the site.

Please feel free to follow the tutorial.

Contact me for further help or comments.


Code Plan


This week I have been working on the components of my project. The components are RF Transmitter and Receiver.

Using 2x Arduino UNO and breadboards, I was able to send and receive messages using the radio connection.

I have included a Code Plan that you could check on. I will add a Tutorial with images where you could follow step-by-step if any of you are working on sending signals wirelessly from one to another.

3D Print - First Pendant Prototype

Today I am going to show you the result of my first prototype 3D printed. I used PLA filament and it took less than 40 minutes to print the base and the cap of the pendant. The pendant is 40mm wide and 12mm thick. Here's what it looks like:

Shopping for Electrical Components

As you all know that Radio Shack stores are closing, so there was this great closeout deal. Each component ranged anywhere between $0.10 to a $1.00. I took this opportunity to buy plenty of components for my Peace of Mind prototype project. From transistors, capacitors, resistors, to LEDs, push buttons, switches, and many more. I ended up buying parts that I will not use for this project but potentially for other projects in the future.

Bracelet sketch

For the bracelet, I want to have a LCD Screen that writes the mood of the user. Let's say the user presses the upset or angry button, the bracelet (which tend to look like a watch) will read ANGRY!! with red LEDs flashing around the screen. This puts the caretaker in a ready situation to attend the patient.



Inspiration for the pendant

Hello… Today I was browsing for some ideas for the pendant. If you see the image below, I would like to make the colored areas pushable. The push button switch will be located underneath the colored areas making it pushable when tapping on the colored areas.


My first blog!!

Hello everyone!! My name is Dimple, a student at CUNY New York City College of Technology and an Emerging Media Technology major. I created this site to update the progress of my wearable technology project. This is for MTEC2250 - Tangible Media Skills course Spring 2015. I have updated the details of my project under the Project Detail menu. I design the 3d Models using 123D Design by AutoDesk.

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