Hi !!
Welcome to my Online Portfolio.

My name is Dimple
(No, it's not my nickname, it's my real name)
and I am a Media Technologist.

About Me

I live in New York City and I have a Bachelor Degree in Technology.

My skills include HTML/HTML5, CSS/CSS3, Javascript (JQuery, Node.js), Python, Java, C++, PHP, Arduino IDE, CMS, ActionScript 3.0, and Isadora.

You can see some of my projects in the Work Section.

Feel free to contact me for additional information or to simply say hello :)

My Work

These are some of my work

Peace of Mind

Wearable Technology
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The United Games

Gaming Website
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Make-Up Artist
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Red Bamboo

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I created this site to update the progress of my wearable technology project. This is for MTEC2250 - Tangible Media Skills course Spring 2015 at New York City College of Technology.
The United Games is a gaming website created for a client, to share reviews and other updating information with other gamers around the world. The site is yet to be updated with more recent news.
YuuiVision is a site created for a make-up artist and a fashionista to share her amazing work with other creative artists and get recognized for her work.
Red Bamboo is a vegan restaurant located in Downtown NYC. I created this website because it is one of my favorite restaurants and I would like to share this restaurant information with my fellow friends.

These are some of my illustrations

CD Design

This project was done in 2010 using Adobe Illustrator CS5. The purpose was to design a CD along with the cover for an Artist.


I enjoy editing pictures for commercial use. Here you will be able to see pictures I have edited as well as photographed.


The digital sketches were created using Adobe Illustration CS5. I like to draw black & white sketches too, either using a pencil or charcoal. I will update more of my hand sketches in the near future.

Logo Design

Logos are meant to be simple so they can be easily identified. Here are some of the logos I have designed in the past.

These are some of my games

Be A Maestro

This is a music theory game for kids and was developed through Gordon Education’s Spring 2015 College Internship Program. Test your tone and see if you can Be a Maestro.
Escape from Area 51

This is a platform game created with Adobe Flash CS5 and ActionScript 3.0. Please read the instuctions before playing and enjoy.
The World Trivia Mind Game

This is a memory game also created with Adobe Flash CS5 and ActionScript 3.0. Enjoy the game.

These are some of my video edits

Art in NY - Central Park

This video was done for an Urban Study Class. The video is comprised of two sections, first half is about Art in NYC, and second half is about A playground in Cental Park. I shot the images and videos and used Final Cut Pro to put them together. It was a fun experience, and I would like to thank Naomi Tam for volunteering in the video.
Dumswers Volume 1

Click here to watch Volume 2 and Volume 3

This was another fun experience, most of the sequences were shot in NYC parks. Some were shot using a green screen. Edited using Final Cut Pro and Adobe After Effects CS5 and was created for educational purposes.
Heavy Rain

This video is a movie trailer, created with Final Cut Pro and Adobe Flash CS5. The sequences are from a PS3 video game called Heavy Rain, one of my favorite ones. This video was created for educational purposes. PS: Wait for the play/pause button at the bottom right. Loading may take a while.
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